Sunday, September 07, 2008

Warning!! Don't fall to this group of people..

Hey what going on with this world today?? I’ve seen many people have intimate relationship to a person who are share the similar sex. I mean Man love Man or Woman love Woman. Seem like GAY and LESBIAN term nowadays are quite permissive. Are they allowed to be exist? Huh I keep thinking some of those people now begin to show this attitude clearly without being shame to them self. They have been such an absolute slave to their own DESIRE. Adding more displeasure to me because it happens to some of persons i know. Some of them begins to tell everyone proudly!! Why?!! Don’t we have heard the past story about the prophet epoch? Are we taking a lesson from that? Please don’t try to start again that damn matter. Do we prepare to receive very horror and terrible God’s punishment like the history told us? I’m very sure every matured Muslim knew that is very illegal to fall in love with a person who share a same sex with us. But why do we want to break that rule just to follow our own dirty desire. Please think about that. Don’t just make you a dumb slave to your own desire and finally will lead you to Allah’s hatred.
P/s: Blaming myself if I’ve fall to this group.

Thankful to God..I'm here in this Ramadhan again

Ramadhan is coming back. Thankful to Allah S.W.T because still give us a chance this time to be in this holy month again. We absolutely don’t know if we will have a chance to celebrate Ramadhan again next time. Thinking back 30 days are really short time that bonus Allah has given to us. So let we use properly these short time to chase all the bonus given by our God. Although sometime we feel busy with anything else, but please don’t make them as a disturbance to this opportunity to be more close to the God. Let this month become our turning point to be a better Muslim. Try to reflect ourselves very much. Are we good enough? Do we well satisfy to our self? How much we think about worldly and hereafter matters? Are they well balanced? Please think carefully… What actually we want to chase after all? Branded things? Beautiful life partner? Name? Positon? Are they align to our purpose of life? God give us just a short period to be in this temporary world. Thus properties, life partner, name and position all just a temporary matters. But doesn’t mean we don’t need to strive for worldly matters. I know someone will say “you are very conservative if you told about this matter” Those words I always heard these day. I’m quite surprise and very angry if someone start to say these annoying words. Absolutely I hate those words. Even I have heard these negative words from my own subordinates. What’s wrong?Please mind your words!! Do you feel you are conservative or very not up to date person if you say anything about Islam? Please…don’t ever think so!! You are absolutely in the wrong way. It is just like you thought that Islam not suitable in this modern world. Again better reflect ourselves. Throw away all the negative perception about Islam. It is very shame to be Muslim who are not believe in his own faith. BLAME TO US if we really thought that way. So, that’s all I need to share for this time. And for the last words, please always put an effort in improving ourselves and always implement AMAL MAARUF and NAHI MUNKAR every time.

p/s: let make this month the best Ramadhan we ever had.

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