Saturday, December 06, 2008

Smiley MOON:)

Did you all ever seen our sky smiles?? Nah...these are some photos I've been snapped in front of my house. Moon and star shaped like smiley face!!Amazing right??Greatness of God!!...Sorry the photos not clear enough...I took these photos in a bit rush because in the middle watching Jdorama hehe...

Sem 1 0809 Results...

Huh...Do you all think I'll post my results here? Haha...Don't ever dreaming that!! Dec 1st in the evening(after 4pm) most of IIUM students would waited in front of PC to check their results..Including me. But I thought I'm not so curious like others..Might be I didn't put too much hope for that past exam. So how my results then??very curious maa...My hand start shaking when I start to drag my mouse to point out to exam result tab. Plus more shaking when I start to click it huhu.But....after 1 second everything was change. My face turn to smiley face..Thought it was like a new motivation for me. It was improvement from before!!..Alhamdulillah...everything was fine( not all actually hehe). But still I should not feel much satisfied to myself..Of course still a lot of need to be improved for tomorrow. Anyway really thankful to God for today gift=)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Holiday Activities...Part 2

Its been a while since the last post.Sorry again.I've been busy for past two weeks. For this moment I'm already in 3rd weeks of semester break. Huh..only 2 weeks more left..Seem like I've spent a lot of time worked as enumerator, went to trip, photo shot, and just finished my task as a special task committee for the Intervarsity Royal Debate Championship 2008 which been held in my university from Nov 28th to Dec 3rd. Sorry no photo for that event to be posted since my main task was make a certificate for participant and committee=P. But really thanks to everyone especially Ghumber aka Zahid aka Nizam, B-no aka Adlie, and Meor who stay up with me until early morning for finished our work as certificates maker haha...Sorry because sometime I can't help too much...A lot of thanks too other commitee too=). Below is some photos to be shared during my trip to east last two weeks:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lets make a CHANGE!!!

Konichiwa. Ogenki desu ka??..Actually this story have been watched by me just a few month ago. So I think it is very interesting series that I would like to share. Plus the main actor for this story is Takuya Kimura;). The story is mainly about the political change or reform who made by the inexperience politician who are primary school teacher previously.

The story begins with the deaths of ruling party’s Fukuoka legislator and his eldest son, his heir apparent, in an accident. It is decided that a by-election will be held, and Kanbayashi Masaichi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who had been renounced by his father.

After Keita graduated from senior high school, he went on to a university in Nagano because he wanted to live in a place with beautiful stars, and eventually became an elementary school teacher over there. Well-liked by children and satisfied with his beloved star gazing, Keita has no interest in the world of politics. However, at Rika’s persuasion and the pressure of his family, he reluctantly decides to announce his candidacy.

Upon returning to Fukuoka, Keita is given a hearty welcome by supporters. The election strategist, Nirasawa Katsutoshi, arrives there. He is guided by the notion “election is the only permitted legal war” and begins Keita’s election campaign.

The casts for these 10 episodes series are Kimura Takuya as Asakura Keita, Fukatsu Eri as Miyama Rika, Abe Hiroshi as Nirasawa Katsutoshi, Kato Rosa as Miyamoto Hikari, Horiuchi Keiko as Tsukioka Rumiko, Kazama Morio as Kondo Mitsuteru (Secretary), Koyama Shigeru as Nihei (Councilor), Nakamura Atsuo as Onoda Asao (Secretary-General), Ohbayashi Takeshi as Kakiuchi Tatsuhiko, Ito Shiro as Ukai Takehiko (Prime Minister), Fuji Junko as Asakura Taka, Terao Akira as Kanbayashi Masaichi

Last words, I'll recommend for all politician to watch this series. It is so impressing me how the young hearted prime minister who act like normal citizen and consider himself as a slave of nation. This high position should not be used as a term of power but a big responsibility that someone will carry on top of his shoulder=)

p/s: I'll be waiting for Change 2. Lets make a change!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My holiday activities...

Now I'm in 7th day in holiday. Of course beside sleeping, watching tv, surfing internet, there is something I've been planned out before to fill my time..Instead of doing something which does not give me any benefit i think it is better for me to use this chance to find whatever activities that could give me some beneficial yield especially 'money' hehe. Thus for that reason I've been registered to be an enumerator(surveyor) under Ministry of Science and Technology(MOSTI) with collaboration with IIUM entrepreneur to survey about Science and Technology Awareness. I'll in charge for the Hulu Selangor region which cover 4 blocks (64 respondents)..Rasa, Ulu Yam, Kuala Kubu Bharu, and Batangkali. So whoever will be my respondents just wait for my arrival and please give a full cooperation with me soon=)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

::22 years of my life::

Life is so short. Now it is already 22 years I’ve lived this life. A lot of thing happen along this life. Remember back how my life was started....

I began to see this world on Nov 14th 6.30 pm if I not wrong.I've been born in the small clinic in Muar, Johor. What is interesting is among my siblings I'm the only one who born in Johor. I've 4 siblings and I'm 3rd. Both of my brothers born in KL and my only one sister born in Kedah. Mohd Amirul is a name given by my parents but actually suggested by my auntie..This name of course carry a huge weight which is Leader. Emm am i posses any characteristics of it?? Haha..forget about that and let me continue my story..I’ve brought up in many places because followed my father who always transferred his job places....Alor Setar, Temerloh, Kuala Terengganu, Penang, Tawau, Kuching, Kemaman and currently Rawang. Of course I understand various slangs then. Keep thinking did I got any advantage with this style of life??...nomad...For that reason, I’ve been a collector of ‘sijil berhenti sekolah’ haha...interesting right??...I’ve got my 1st education in kindergarten or here we call as taski in Temerloh, Pahang. Then I’ve continue to standard 1st in SRA Al-Mukmin also in Temerloh. But only less than one years i’ve got to transfer to another school, SK Wakaf Mempelam until standard 3..In the middle of that years i’ve been transferred in Penang. I’ve spent about 4 years there. Start from the middle of standard 3 until I’ve entered high school. So I’ve experienced studied in 2 school SRK Seri Permai and SMKA Al-Mashoor(L). Again in the middle of form 1 I followed my family transfer to the end of the Malaysia...huhu..Tawau..2 and half hour flight from KL. From this I’ve got an experienced studied in small high school, SMUIT until form 3..End of this year, 2001 i think..we start our life in Bumi Kenyalang. I’ve been studied in technic school and taken the course of Civil Engineering there. But still my father was called for transferred after 1 year and quarter. Now I’ve been fly back to Peninsular of Malaysia after spent 2 and half year in Borneo...Terengganu...A beautiful places I thought. Continuously, I’ve been studied in technic school in Kemaman, SMT Kemaman. Just less than 1 year before I’ve graduated. I took my SPM and graduated for my secondary study on 2003. Then after SPM, i’ve got an offered from some colleges but i’ve choose matriculation college in Penang to continue my study. Hurmm..again this transfer habit can’t easily throw away. I’ve spent less than 2 month in there after I’ve got an offered from International Islamic University Malaysia Matriculation Centre or well known as Pusat Matrikulasi UIAM. Thus, my tertiary education actually started here. Until now I’ve been loyal to this IIUM haha and currently I’m in 3rd year taking B.Eng(Hons) Aerospace Engineering. So this is who am I now...

Anyway thankful to God because give me some power to survive and live this challenging life until now. Thanks to anyone who lend their hand in helping me to be whom I am now. ...Love you all=)

A night after exam

Nov 8, 5.30 pm..It was the end of miserable period huhu. I ended up with aerodynamic 2 paper. It is pretty difficult paper I thought and I felt quite terrible. So now it is a time to throw away my bad feeling haha..It is begins!!yeah....just forget all the miseries. Lets enjoy then haha.. So that night i’ve spent time went to Putrajaya to snap some photos..That was my first try to snap photos at night. Still lacking in light control I thought=)

Final Assignment Photography Course

These are the photos I've been submitted for my photo course final assignment. But the most I liked here is the photo of my cat, Comel. But still all the photos have some problem especially in balancing, framing and focusing. I'll keep trying to improve and overcome these problem soon. All the detailed about the photos already written there. Please take a look then=)

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