Thursday, November 13, 2008

::22 years of my life::

Life is so short. Now it is already 22 years I’ve lived this life. A lot of thing happen along this life. Remember back how my life was started....

I began to see this world on Nov 14th 6.30 pm if I not wrong.I've been born in the small clinic in Muar, Johor. What is interesting is among my siblings I'm the only one who born in Johor. I've 4 siblings and I'm 3rd. Both of my brothers born in KL and my only one sister born in Kedah. Mohd Amirul is a name given by my parents but actually suggested by my auntie..This name of course carry a huge weight which is Leader. Emm am i posses any characteristics of it?? Haha..forget about that and let me continue my story..I’ve brought up in many places because followed my father who always transferred his job places....Alor Setar, Temerloh, Kuala Terengganu, Penang, Tawau, Kuching, Kemaman and currently Rawang. Of course I understand various slangs then. Keep thinking did I got any advantage with this style of life??...nomad...For that reason, I’ve been a collector of ‘sijil berhenti sekolah’ haha...interesting right??...I’ve got my 1st education in kindergarten or here we call as taski in Temerloh, Pahang. Then I’ve continue to standard 1st in SRA Al-Mukmin also in Temerloh. But only less than one years i’ve got to transfer to another school, SK Wakaf Mempelam until standard 3..In the middle of that years i’ve been transferred in Penang. I’ve spent about 4 years there. Start from the middle of standard 3 until I’ve entered high school. So I’ve experienced studied in 2 school SRK Seri Permai and SMKA Al-Mashoor(L). Again in the middle of form 1 I followed my family transfer to the end of the Malaysia...huhu..Tawau..2 and half hour flight from KL. From this I’ve got an experienced studied in small high school, SMUIT until form 3..End of this year, 2001 i think..we start our life in Bumi Kenyalang. I’ve been studied in technic school and taken the course of Civil Engineering there. But still my father was called for transferred after 1 year and quarter. Now I’ve been fly back to Peninsular of Malaysia after spent 2 and half year in Borneo...Terengganu...A beautiful places I thought. Continuously, I’ve been studied in technic school in Kemaman, SMT Kemaman. Just less than 1 year before I’ve graduated. I took my SPM and graduated for my secondary study on 2003. Then after SPM, i’ve got an offered from some colleges but i’ve choose matriculation college in Penang to continue my study. Hurmm..again this transfer habit can’t easily throw away. I’ve spent less than 2 month in there after I’ve got an offered from International Islamic University Malaysia Matriculation Centre or well known as Pusat Matrikulasi UIAM. Thus, my tertiary education actually started here. Until now I’ve been loyal to this IIUM haha and currently I’m in 3rd year taking B.Eng(Hons) Aerospace Engineering. So this is who am I now...

Anyway thankful to God because give me some power to survive and live this challenging life until now. Thanks to anyone who lend their hand in helping me to be whom I am now. ...Love you all=)


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

just arrived at your blog from tronoh,perak..huh~(sighing)
this article quite impressing me since you have state during ur standard 1-3, u had learn at SK Wakaf Mempelam, which is oso my previous school.u most probably the guy that might be, we are known each other before, since on that time, i'm oso learn at the same school and might be same class of 1995's 3 Cempaka,SKWM KUALA TERENGGANU.U might be not knowing or remembering me, but hopefully, u still remember our class teacher, Cikgu Zul~fyi,if im not mistaken,he is still teach at this skool.
Albeit I could not able to recognize u in the pic, but Alhamdulillah, glad to knoe that u had gone to UIA now to further ur study.congrats!
Just leave u a simple msg b4 i go: salam ukhuwwah fillah....

do email to me khairi (x 1995's 3 cempaka, sk wakaf mempelam)@ mencari.satu.kedamaian@gmail if you are the guy that i have story above~

wassalamualaikum warahmatullah

scarecrow said... old friend..sorry can't remember you too.May be i need to see your pic 1st..if you have fs just add me: MieR

so then we can keep in touch.tq

Ubi said...

adoi....panjang bebenor...hahaha
neway...hepi bezday~!
n vid r aku tgk..
rase cam ko nak kawen pn ade..ekeke

scarecrow said...

saje je...xde kje haha

Sarah CJ said...

aik besday ko ke? haha tak perasan pun. anyway, hepi besday (belated).
p/s: kata xnak tulis diary....ini dah jadi biography dah ni

scarecrow said...

haha biography lain dr diary ok huhu..diary cm nk cite sume..mkn, tdo sume nk cite..yg ni biography jerr hehe...btw thanx 4 da wish. wlupun da lewat haha...

RyZ4L said...

panjang nye anonymous tuh!!
sori bangat. demam buat aku lupa.
haha. moga panjang umo and murah rezeki! muah! nah. ciuman dr budak ero ke budak ero!!! hahahaha!!!
nanti bukak uia aku bunje ko!!!
jgn lupe claim..(harap2 lupa..amin)

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