Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Holiday Activities...Part 2

Its been a while since the last post.Sorry again.I've been busy for past two weeks. For this moment I'm already in 3rd weeks of semester break. Huh..only 2 weeks more left..Seem like I've spent a lot of time worked as enumerator, went to trip, photo shot, and just finished my task as a special task committee for the Intervarsity Royal Debate Championship 2008 which been held in my university from Nov 28th to Dec 3rd. Sorry no photo for that event to be posted since my main task was make a certificate for participant and committee=P. But really thanks to everyone especially Ghumber aka Zahid aka Nizam, B-no aka Adlie, and Meor who stay up with me until early morning for finished our work as certificates maker haha...Sorry because sometime I can't help too much...A lot of thanks too other commitee too=). Below is some photos to be shared during my trip to east last two weeks:


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