Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SoRRy All~

SORRY..seem like I've didn't update my blog quite long time.Hurmm~...actually I've been busy lately for these 2 months..Ramadhan,midterm exam,project,assignment,quizzes,and final exam make me a bit lazy to update my blog. And now semester holiday begins..yeah. Bout 5 weeks~pretty long right??..hope that i could give much commitment to press my keyboards key to keep updating this lame blog huhu.. so then just wait for the NEXT ENTRY ok=)

More to come:
-Malacca Photoshoot
-Final Exam


RyZ4L said...

sila update!!!!:p lepas kan marah pada exam sume..haha!!

scarecrow said...

haha...aku tgh bz update le mlm ni...abis sume aku letak...yg lepas2 nye jgn lupe tgk haha

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