Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pre-reg sem 2 2008/2009

These photos were taken after we register for pre-reg semester 2 2008/2009 competition.Just spent some time to break a fast in Chicken hatz restaurant located at Berjaya Time Square after that. This restaurant adopt buffet concept.The buffet includes fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken tenders, Tejas wings, fried fish and a large variety of hot and cold vegetable products. We just need to pay about RM 20 and we can eat whatever we want. But almost all the meals are chickens orientation. Thus who ever hate chickens or allergic to them please choose another place ok huhu..(please try out Laksa Shake then hehe). All these photos actually not snapped by my SLR..only my friend's cellphone camera.

p/s: sorry to Leo cuz lambat post gamba2 ni..


cali said...

hoohohoh. merul ade blog. ade gmbr saya pulak tu. teharu :P. taknak update pasal lepak di mcD? haha

scarecrow said...

haha...lame da..jus lame x update je...klo ko ade blog letak gamba aku gk kekeke

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